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President Elder Charles L. Askew produced CDs, DVDs
and Dramatic Arts presentations stemming as far back as
entitled “Fight Back”.  Fight back is a nine score
compilation of selections ranging from traditional gospel
to a classical piano solo rendition of the soul stirring hymn
entitled “It Is Well With My Soul”.  

We also have several other compact disc projects

1.        Elder Charles Askew and the United Voices - “His-
tory” 2006 CD/DVD, an eleven score historical story
entailing the immaculate conception of Christ Jesus of

2.        “I Can See” (Your Love Is Real) a single by Elder
Charles Askew & Michael J. Andrews.  A panel of judges
for the “Song of the Year” contest by VH1 associates
named this composition to be in the top 4-finalist of the
Gospel category for the year 2004.

3.        We have instructed recording artists such as:
Corvina Nielsen’s CD released in 2002 entitled “Your
Wonderful Love”, Isaiah and Sarah Rashid’s CD released
in 2005 entitled “The Ministers of The Gospel”, and the
most recent recording artist Wesley Johnson.  Also
available are 2005 thru 2007 Spring and Fall student
recitals on DVD.

Musical Drama Presentations Available on Video & DVD:

4.        “His-tory”
5.        I’ve Learned To Live But Yet To Love
6.        The Battle is Won
7.        A Savior is Born
8.        He Arose

M.F.C. Studios LLC is currently working on three CD

1.        United Voices of Fairfield County,
“Just For Hymn”,
a nine score compilation of revised historical hymns.

2.        Elder Charles Askew &The Final Chapter,
“Give it to Jesus”,
a contemporary quartet group.

3.        “Introducing After God’s own Heart”,
a Fairfield County Youth Choir.