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His-tory  - an eleven score historical story
entailing the immaculate conception of
Christ Jesus of Nazareth -
CD $6.95 each / DVD $9.95 each
The Vision - a dramatic musical of the modern
day church trying to do the Great Commission
without addressing their personal issues in life. to
the pastor of the church, then shakes him up to
make him realize what it’s going to  take to get
there - CD $9.99 / DVD $12.99
Next to God - a contemporary single
selection of Love that a husband has for his
wife. There is no one closer. In his heart She is
“Next to God" - CD $4.00 / DVD $6.00
I’ll Be There – a contemporary single love
song of commitment. Through the storm
through the rain even heartache and pain
God is There.  - CD $4.00
Fight Back – a contemporary nine-score CD of
various styles of music including the following
selections: Faith, For Life, To See His Face and
Land of the Free. - CD $6.95 each
How To Love Me 101 - is a story book filled with
scenarios and situations of humor, amore and
foolishness. The purpose of this book is for you to
experience several situations within
relationships whether similar or not exactly your
personal experience. It is also to explore and
partner to dance with or explore tools to assist
you to continue your dance of life with your
current marital spouse - Price $15.40