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Instructional Services:

* Piano
Theory, contemporary jazz chord progression, beginners
to advance fingering drills, ear and charting

* Voice
Basic vocal theory, music terms and symbols, breathing
techniques, tone quality control, stage presence, poetry
and proper song construction composition.

* Percussion
Initial rudiments, paradiddles, basic swing, rock, pop,
R&B grooves, sight reading, snare drum solo and duo
flams, complete set rhythms 101.

United Voices of Fairfield County Choir:
U.V.F.C Choir performs full and mini concerts in the tri-
state area.  Performances include traditional,
contemporary, theatrical as well as various gospel

Performing Arts:
All performing art productions consist of Christian oriented
presentations.  “A Savior is Born”; “He Arose”; “The Battle is
Won”; “How Quickly We Forget”; “The Diary of A Single
Black Woman; “I’ve Learned To Live But Yet To Love”.